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About the group:

      Song A Week is an international community of artists supporting each other's creative process week by week.

      Now in its 4th year, Song A Week has featured nearly 3,000 songs from more than 150 artists in 25 states across the USA and 10 countries around the world.

      For more information, please visit the 2019 site:
 www.songaweek2019.com ]

Yours truly,

James Tristan Redding
Founder of Song A Week

                                                                   Complete  artist  list: 
Zia Hassan,  Zachary Mack,  Zach Parkman, WitchHunt,  Waltzing On Waves,  Ukulelephant,  Trappor Masson,  Trap Kit,  Tonic Lite,  Tom Riccardi,  Tim Powell,  Tim Mackay,  Tim Jurasewicz,  Tim Hantel,  Thor Bremer,  Thomas Ciganko,  Texas Dave,  Tess Ahlberg,  Taylor Whitaker,  Tamora Wilson,  Takethetree,  TRe' NATiON,  T.B.Z.,  Swaggamice,  SvNGvD,  Steve Ringer,  Stacia Lopez,  Sidney Fenix,  Shawn Hickman,  Shawn Hedderman,  Seth Lambert,  Seth Balestrieri,  Sergey Dzakhoev,  Sean Ahearn,  Sarah Pray,  Sarah Grundy,  SVAHA,  Rodney Seay,  Robelle LaForge,  Richard Binder, Pretty Beggar,  Phoenix Rose,  Phil Cowan,  Paula Varela,  Our Abstract Mountain,  Old Old Earth,  Niki Shepherd,  Nik Newark,  Nik Harr,  Nick Bognar,  Ned Brown,  Nathan Bryant,  Mía Nalaíde,  Moonz,  Michael Koby,  Michael Cullinan,  Max Cunningham,  Mattias Granbom,  Marty Shutter,  Marty Morgan,  Lydia Harrell,  Luthien Bloom,  Luke V Martin,  Linda Steber,  Lia Glynias,  Lauren Lee,  Latrinda Hutchinson,  Lady Nade,  Kyle Walz,  Kristin M Mullins,  Kicks And Strings,  Kevin Crafton,  Kevin Christensen,  Justin Martins,  Julia Tindall Bloom,  Joshua Mackay, Jordan Sleed,  Jordan Okrend,  Jordan Grow,  Jodie O'Regan,  Joanna Suska-Brzozowska,  Jesse Bryant,  Jenn Clark,  Jen Bluhm,  Jeff Wall,  Jeff Powers,  Jason Dean Kuban,  Jane Taylor Ramsey,  Jan Ault,  James Tristan Redding,  James Kerr,  James Burling,  Jake Shimon, JEOMTO,  Isabella Malmqvist,  Isaac of Campfire Records,  Honker Robinson,  Heath Johnson, Hawkins Wright,  Griffin Shaw,  Geoavani,  Franksetsfire,  Frank Hurd,  Eyeden,  Ex Romantika, Erin Wolf,  Eric Vetter,  Emily Franke,  El Moreno,  Drop The Eye,  Donovan Howard,  Deepa Seshadri,  Deborah Kelly,  David Easterling,  David Collins,  Dave Britt,  Darwin's Daughter,  Danny Price,  Daniel Pierre Ault,  Dan Tanz,  Dan Raza,  Daleth Mountjoy,  D Truth The Professional,  Crísthopper,  Crusasis,  Colin E. Pyle,  Colby Pelzel,  Clojure,  Clay "The DJay" Smith,  Claes Akerblom,  Ciaran Campbell,  Cherene Snow,  Caught In Joy,  Carrellee,  Carl Fortunato,  Cabin of Love,  Caballero,  Bryan Cherry,  Brandon Payton-Carrillo,  Billie and the Haint,  Benjamin Bryden,  Barron Van Deusen,  Arilya,  Anoki Rechord,  Anna Robinson,  Anielle Reid,  Andriana Lehr,  Andrew Jandt,  Allanah Dennehy,  Allan Keen,  Alix Ngoto,  Abbie Lynn,  A Stuttering Ghost,  7000apart 

A few of our nearly-200 songwriters:

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